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Power Searching with Google

Sarah Marshall: Google Search Tips for Journalists

Google: Good To Know
Location-based search.

Web Search Techniques for Journalists
A great set of tips, both basic and advanced.

George Washington University: Space Policy Institute
Benefits of space research, satellites, etc.

NuevaSchool Search Tips and Links
A great quick-reference index of how to use search engines and other online research tools.

Google's Search Tips
Guidelines for using Google and other search engines.

Searching Tips
A short, but thorough quick reference on searches.
This site lets you automatically collect new information from your favorite Web pages when they?ve been updated. You?re then sent an e-mail or a personal Web page collects your updates.

Photo Find app: Navigate to the exact place a photo was take

Gary Price: Web Research Tools for Journalists
A great collection of Web site tools from guru Gary Price.

HotBot Quick-Search Deskbar
The free tool sits at the bottom of your computer screen and lets you make searches without an open browser.

Organizes searches into folders and groups similar items together.
Detailed info. on search engines.

A free newsletter from Search Engine Watch featuring web search news, reviews, tools, tips, and search engine headlines from across the web. SearchDay is published daily, with headlines only on Fridays.
Full of tips and other resources.

Power Tips for Using Search Engines

Google Labs
Check out Google technologies in development.

Google Hot Trends
Track what people are searching for on the web.

PC Magazine's Undiscovered Websites: Info, Reference and Search
From November, 2007, a great collection of sites that provide shortcuts on the web.

Local Website Archive
This free download offers a fast and easy way to store websites from your browser permanently for future reference. Information on the web often vanishes quickly, sometimes before you even have a chance to make use of it. Let Local Website Archive store the information you're interested in.
Get a list of 10 in-progress searches being conducted on the MetaCrawler search engine. It's updated every 15 seconds.

Altavista Real Searches
Top recent searches in specific categories.

Ask Jeeves: Peek Through the Keyhole
Get a list of 10 in-progress searches being conducted on this search engine. It's updated every 30 seconds. Best of the Web
Tracks trends in many e-industries and includes lists of links.
Wendy Boswell's page on on web search.

Links2go: Journalism
Latest news and top videos/photos from the web.

Google Zeitgeist
An archive of what people are searching for online.

Google Crisis Response Public Alerts

Google Person Finder

Google Crisis Map
Defaults to the most recent crisis.

Google Search Trends
Tracks patterns and gaining queries.

News about search marketing and search engines.


14 Google Tools You Didn't Know Existed

Google Blog Search Tool

Google Adwords Keyword Search Tool
Find the best search terms for a given story.
Search tool scans thousands of blogs. Search by directory or by posts.

Open Prism: Data Portal Search
Search data portals from all over the world by typing in one keyword.
Offers a specialty blog aggregator designed to help busy editors and news execs keep an eye on the blog conversation about the future of news. It offers a targeted search engine that will let you search all the blogs included, a daily digest of what news stories the news innovation blogs are linking to, excerpts of the latest posts (updated every 15 minutes) and links to the posts where the most robust discussions are going on in comments.

Google maps and Flikr use a global image map to show updated blogs in various cities.

Put in the URL of a page you want to keep tabs on and it automatically checks to see if the content has changed.

Sort of a Google feel to this blog search tool. Basically, it's a blog directory and aggregator all in one.

Subscribe to 15 different search engine feeds at the same time. Enter a search term and click the 'make monitor.opml' button to get a list of RSS feeds in OPML format.
Blogging Network is the easiest way to blog and the only site where you earn money blogging. You'll get readers right away, since your blog is automatically listed in the Blogging Network directory. The blogging system has a full set of features, from Microsoft Word-like rich text editing and up-to-date search to customizable templates and syndicated headlines. All you need is a Web browser -- there is no software to download.

SearchEngineLand: What is SEO?
Video explains what search engine optimization is and how it works.

A search tool that pulls results from social-networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn. The site also pulls results from other sites where users keep public profiles.
Social search.

MSNBC: Weblog Central
The site claims is "serves as a perch from which you can observe and participate in the brave new world of personal news." Will Femia writes a daily Blogspotting Weblog.
Lets users create blogs.

Twitter Search
Look up thousands of Twitter feeds.


Needs no introduction.

Google Toolbar
It's worth the download. Makes surfing the Web much easier.

Google: Government Sites
Search government-only sites with this special Google feature.

Google Labs
A "how to" section on Google that looks at the site's emerging technologies, including Google Spreadsheets and Google Transits, where you can track public transportation.

Google Crisis Response Public Alerts

Google Person Finder

Google Crisis Map
Defaults to the most recent crisis.

Google News Archive Search
Search newspapers, magazines and article databases such as Factiva, LexisNexis, etc.
MSN's search tool that launched in June 2009.

Google SERP Snippet Optimizer Tool
This site, created by some former Google engineers, claims to search more web pages than any other search engine, and three times as many as Google. The site "searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance. When it finds a page with the keywords, it stays on that page and analyzes the rest of its content, its concepts, their interrelationships and the page's coherency.

The new, improved version of
A very simple search tool that has special sections for films, etc..

Google Scholar
Doctored photos.

Microsoft Academic

A search system in which you can visualize the Web site's screenshot previews before you click it so you don't have to access a link to figure out that it's a "not found page." Works well with mobile, too.
This search engine pulls images and video from all kinds of news resources. Browse by category, etc.

Yahoo! Next
Shows what tools are in beta and coming soon.
A multiple engine search tool.
This site provides basic information for free, including birth year, month, phone number and address for free and deeper background information for a fee. There is a fee for queries that return a wealth of info sometimes dating back more than 10 years: residential addresses, phone numbers both listed and unlisted, birth year, even satellite photos of people's homes.
A search engine for movie clips online.
Search by ZIP code to see who in your area contributes to federal election campaigns.

Helps you find e-mail addresses and phone numbers for friends, family you've lost touch with.

News Lookup
A great global search tool that lets you search by nation or topic.

LexisWeb Legal Search Engine

A great news search site that includes top headlines of the day.

Google Scholar
Search journals, articles, academic papers and more.

Open Buildings: Archiving the World's Built Environment
Cool site that uses GPS to track where you are and feeds information to you about buildings around you, from an architectural perspective.

Science search tool is "the most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web."

Online Journal Science Search Engine

Biology and genetics research.
A search engine dedicated to searching the Web for cures for specific diseases. Also has a news search feature.

Omni Medical Search
Search news, images, discussion forums, MedPro, etc. A great quick-search tool.

Bates Info Tip Newsletter
Search tips.

Displays search results as an image gallery of actual Web pages.

Allows to download an entire website from the Internet to a local directory, copying recursively the structure and all the content.

Meta-search site.

Image meta-search site.

Searches the web for photos.

A great meta-search tool for visuals.

NCBI: Entrez
Search life sciences publications.

Myriad Search
Meta-search tool that lets you use four search engines at once.

Pandia Search Tool

Do a video or web search.
Reporters can use this to track people and news stories on more than 50 popular sites, including MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Saves your search history. A very handy toolbar.

Will search the entire web, or you can limit the search to UK-based sites.

Search online videos and watch TV shows.
Search tool helps you find video and audio online.

Media sharing and video search tool.

Smashing Apps: Great Google Tricks
Cool search tips.
A great tool for analyzing and managing your search results. No plugins, logins or passwords required. You can see your results in a gallery you can pan and zoom save individual results to personalized workpads.

Search globally for radio stations and streaming sites. Magazine Article Search Engine and Directory

Radio Directory
A search engine just for kids!

Search Engines Features Chart
A comparison chart of the major search engines and the factors that affect if and when a page is indexed.

Dewey Browser
Lets you point and click through the Dewey Decimal Classication to entries of interest, and browse a collection of Worldcat records and other material.

Time Magazine Archives
More than 81 years of articles are now online and searchable. Locate Original Documents Online
A guide to finding public records, etc.

Lifehacker: Top 20 Search Engine Helpers


MESA E-Mail Search

Lifehacker: Searching the Invisible Web
This site gives users the option to receive results from 24 search engines at a time.
This site is billed as a cross between a search engine and an encyclopedia. It provides searchers with full sentences about their search topic, rather than the sentence fragments most search engines offer. It seeks out authoritative and informative content, preferring encyclopedia-style fact-based descriptions to the chatty, spammy and inconsequential.

Yahoo! SearchMonkey
Enhances search engine performance with several add-on tools and tags.

College@Home: Niche Search Engines

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker
Search for copies of your page on the web. Helps you defend your site from plagiarism. Just type in your site's web address.
Access 1.5 million articles from more than 200 sources for free.

SearchSpy from Dogpile
Metasite that combines Google, Yahoo! and others into one search tool. A scrolling list of what people are searching at that moment.

Leadership Directories
Find leaders in government, foreign affairs, legal, media, etc.


KPLAY Search Site
Find a person's phone number, e-mail address; find local businesses, weather, etc.

Lycos Multimedia Search

MSN Windows Live Search
Adds new tools and a new look to help compete for advanced search users.
A France-based search engine that piggybacks on Google and other engines but presents its results unconventionally: as "maps." The results are displayed in a way that allows you to tell which sites are more important.

The site offers "transcript search" of podcasts. The site is fee-based service and allows you to search nearly all major TV networks and some local stations. The site also has a free transcript search of TV news video available on the open web from MSNBC, Reuters, etc.

Blinkx Video Search Engine

Free downloadable toolbar that discovers Web sites about topics you're interested in. More than 500 category topics to choose from. You must register, then click the "stumble upon" button.

Lets you easily share and discuss the Web and receive a real time broadcast of activity by people you like. Socialbrowse also shows you what's good on every page by embedding small icons next to links your friends have shared or commented on, right within the page.

Search Engine Colossus: International Directory of Search Engines
This domain name search engine offers some unique features.
More than 2,000 searchable databases.

Search-22 Almanac Search Page
This site uses news aggregation and categorizes news stories on the Web into more than 150,000 pages. It relies on computer algorithms to sort stories. It monitors breaking news from over 3,000 sources, 24 hours a day. These algorithms read every story as it is released and then categorize each one into one or more topic pages. Among the category pages are separate ones for 30,000 U.S. cities and towns, 5,500 public companies and industries, 48,000 celebrities and musicians, 1,500 sports teams and personalities, and many, many more. Most helpful is the People page.

LexisWeb Legal Search Engine
A specialized directory for people and public records searching.
Grub uses the power of distributed computing to build Web searches. It automatically crawls the Web in the background, borrowing your computer's spare clock cycles, so you won't even notice it's there. The download is quick, you control how much you crawl, and a screensaver shows you the real-time progress your computer is making. search site.

Track who has lifted content off your website. Just type in the URL of your site.
Search engine and online news, tools.

Pandia Search Engine for News Sites

Google Definitions
Look up a word's definition instantly.

People-finding search tool.
Search Facebook, Linkedin and other social media sites for names.
Like Google News Search, this engine finds current news from all around the Internet. It automatically searches major online national and city newspapers, newswires, magazines, trade publications and press releases.
A free online article search.
A searchable directory of glossaries and subject directories covering hundreds of topics.

A British site with many U.S. resources. Updates every five minutes.

Search News Feeds
Searches many news feeds.

Fagan Finder
A great search tool that added several new features in May 2002. Journalists will be especially interested in the search engines, reference, news and law sections.
Search engine with great polls and surveys on user habits.

AltaVista Image Search
Check your spelling as you submit a query.

Search SEC Filings

Findia.Net Search
A good general search tool.

Library of Congress: Thomas Search Engine
Tracks congressional bills as they pass through the system.

USPS: Quick Zip Code Search
Quick reference area codes and zip codes.

Searches the web for podcasts.

Washington Post Bill Tracker
Search bills by state, voters, those who missed a vote, vote margin, etc.

FirstGov.Gov Search Database
The new database is built and powered by FAST Search and Transfer. FAST also provides the AllTheWeb engine. Limit terms by title, URL, text, state government, federal government or a specific domain.

A clipping-type tool that automatically looks for changes on web pages, any page at any level), as often as you like (every 30 minutes, hourly, daily, etc.) and then highlights precisely where on the page changes occur. Results are delivered via the tool or via e-mail.
A clipping-type tool similar to WebSite-Watcher.

Locally focused search engines from hundreds of countries.

All Law
Search engine and legal directory that has state resources.
Business search engine.

Business Publications Search Engine
Find several great topics, including Internet business, intellectual property issues, industry publications, economics, management and more.

1st Headlines
Searches current news headlines and can be refined by topic, country, breaking news.
A search time-saver: on one page, there are the search boxes for 20 of the most popular search engines. Not just links to each engine, although those links are there as well, but the actual search box for each engine.
Descibes itself as "an intelligent search engine."
A guide to Web portals. Many helpful tools.


Inference Find

Washington World News Search
Enter country name in a database for news and Web links.

Metahoo! is an AD-FREE Web portal dedicated to simplifying the search process for its users by bringing back relevant and timely results as efficiently as possible. It offers users the ability to quickly and easily find information on the Web by searching through indexes of web documents. A user may enter a search term or terms and review a list of the best matches from all indexed Web pages.

Search texts, newsfeeds, study guides and message boards.

Powered by Google, the Web?s best search engine, it hunts down anything legal online.

An online search service for news and current events that delivers "meaning and relevance beyond traditional search and aggregation engines."

Another search tool that allows you to search blogs by geographic location.

Regret the Error
A blog that reports on corrections, retractions, clarifications, and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in North American media.
A reader blog that monitors the San Francisco Chronicle.

The Wayback Machine
Tied to a database of 10 billion archived Web pages that go back five years. See what old and defunct sites looked like. Heavy use, so download may be slow.

Yahoo News Search
Still in beta-testing. This site covers thousands of periodicals and web sites.
Downloadable software that makes searching the Web easier. The site has many Web search tools.

The Cybercafe Search Engine

A search engine for podcast.

Cinema FreeNet
Search for a database of movies, actors, directors, and producers.

She Knows Search Engine
A women's resource search tool: arts, business, education, parenting, health/fitness, finance and more.
Billed as the ultimate Elvis search engine and site directory, this is your Internet guide to the King.


How They Work: Submit keywords in the search box, and it transmits your search simultaneously to several individual search engines, subject directories and their databases of Web pages.
Billed as the "mother of all search engines," this tool keeps it simple.
Provides three types of results: 1) a listing of Web links; 2) clustering related links into categories; 3) "expert links" that bring together resources on specific topics. It removes duplicate links as well, thus speeding your search.

Results page groups links together, making it quicker to scan. Searches Yahoo, AltaVista, MSN/Hotbot, alltheweb, OpenDirectory/AOL, Excite, DirectHit, , EuroSeek.

This site searches Alta Vista,, Direct Hit, EuroSeek, Excite, Fast Search, Google, GoTo, HotBot, , Lycos, Magellan, MSN Web, Netscape Netcenter, Open Directory, Snap, Web Crawler,Yahoo! and some international sites.
A metasearch thats search of Altavista, Fast & Wisenut.

Various search tools, people locator.

Surfs about 15 search engines and directories.

AOL, AltaVista, , EuroSeek, Excite, FindWhat, MSN, alltheweb, GoTo, Hotbot, Yahoo! Translates your search into each search engine's syntax.

Searches AltaVista and some minor databases.

A guide to the Web guides. This site makes it convenient to use many search tools all in one place.
Features meta-search capabilities which scan sistes such as ixQuick, AllTheWeb News, and News search from Northern Light. The site also has a "Grammar Matters" review section.
Good for general keyword searches.

Track what people are surfing online.

Debriefing Search Engine
Claims to be the "world's most powerful search engine."


Cyberjournalist Reporter's SuperSearch

Homeland Security Digital Library
Search engine allows you to scan more than 30 homeland security blogs.


Info - Encyclopedia and Reference Resource
Browse articles in all areas of topics within Earth & Environment, History, Literature & Arts, Health & Medicine, People, Philosophy & Religion, Places, Plants & Animals, Science & Technology, Social Science, Law, Sports, Everyday Life, and more. Includes Country Studies and North America Gazetteer.
Open directory project. Has look and feel of a Yahoo!

Librarians' Index to the Internet
A "thinking person's Yahoo" subject directory that's updated regularly.

Internet Public Library Pathfinder
University of Michigan librarians organize subject pages that included annotated suggestions for both the Web and library books. A great starting point for any story.

A high-quality subject directory; librarian-selected with flexible search option.
A dialogue-based format where search terms can be placed in natural language style.

Allows you to search products by brand, price and location. Created in Lebanon.
Contains a series of well-organized forms enabling one-click searching of Google's most powerful features, from mathematical calculations to language translation.

National Portrait Gallery Searchable Database
Search for all of their pieces by artist, title, etc.

National Gallery of Art Searchable Database
Search for all of their pieces by artist, title, etc.
A very handy search tool allows you to locate video interviews with non-fiction book editors.
Click on advanced search button.

U.S. City Directories
City directories, arguably one of the most over-looked resources by genealogists, have been around since the 1700s. This web site attempts to identify all printed, microfilmed, and online directories, and their repositories, for the United States.

Suite Public Records Search Engine
A public records search tool designed to make finding information about a person or business from free public record sites faster and easier. Pretrieve provides categorized tabs with links to meaningful and relevant information and delivers users directly to their search results -- not simply dumping them off at the front door of the home page -- by preloading the search criteria.

Scout Report Signpost
More than 8,000 of the best internet resources chosen by Scout Report.
Helps you find any online newspaper in the world.

RhymeZone Shakespeare Search Engine

West Egg ClicheFinder Search Engine
More than 3,300 indexed cliches. Look them up and edit them out of stories.


How They Work: These are databases and online tools that the search engines and subject directories often miss. They're great for finding powerful databases and research on a a variety of topics.

This "Invisible Web" tool offers specialized search topics such as business, government, people and travel.

HyperStat Searchable Stats Database
Powered by Rice University. Database Links
Links to almost 5,000 public records databases. Claims to be the largest free collection of public records databases on the Web.

MIT student project tracks videos kicked off YouTube for alleged copyright infringement.


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