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National Press Photographers Association
Tips, news, press releases, polls, event schedules and more.

American Society of Picture Professionals

Associated Press Photo Managers

AP Images Photo Blog

Reportage Blog
Great photojournalism blog from Getty Images.

White House News Photographers Association

Campus Guide to Copyright

Advertising Photographers of America

Four and Six
Photo authentication tool.

Jeffrey's Exif Viewer
Breaks down photos to show what photoshop work or alterations have been made. Also has a browser button to sort right off the page. Type in link or upload the photo from your desktop.

API: How to Tell If a Photo is Fake
Great tips and video.

Reverse image search. Good for fact-checking photos.

Photo Find app: Navigate to the exact place a photo was take

Seven Photojournalism Tips from Reuters' Damir Sagolj
Great four-minute video of tips on approach. Heavy on international reporting.
Add tags to your photos.

RJI: 3-D Technologies and Tools
Database filled with information about 3-D technologies/tools. Great resource for journalists who want to tell immersive stories using various 3-D technologies.

All things photojournalism and mobile. Gear, tutorials, trends and more.

Medium: Dressed for Excess: Gear for Covering Riots, Protests, Etc.

Cambridge in Colour
Photography and learning tools.

Google Search by Image
Compress file size and optimize your images with this tool.

The Ultimate Student Guide to Images

Photo Blog Stop
Full of great resources and tips. Good tutorials on Photoshop and photography.

Photype Photo Cropping Tool
Free browser-based tool.

Verified Pixel
Tool used to verify authenticity of photos.

Tineye Reverse Image Search
See where else your image is appearing on the web!

iPhone Photography School
A great blog about shooting better photos with the iPhone. Tips, examples, interviews with photogs.

Great blog about shooting photos, video and audio using your iPhone.

360 Panorama
Create 360 panorama photos with this app.

Mobile Tools for Photos
Detailed biographies of 100s of famous photographers.

PBS: A Tribute to Our First Female Photojournalists

World Press Photography
Non-profit organization committed to promoting photojournalism worldwide.

Multimedia Shooter
Workshops, e-updates, critiques, columns, featured video and galleries.

Multimedia portal launched by Scott McKiernan that features a new in-depth socially concerned picture and text essay every Tuesday.

Poynter: Why Photojournalists Use Camera Phones

Great blog about shooting photos, video and audio using your iPhone.
Tool to create beautiful photo narratives.

The Slot: The Nine Commandments of Caption Writing

Listly: Top Photography and Photo Editing Apps
Great list.

Photo editing tool that runs in your browser.

Pablo: Engaging Social Images in 60 Seconds

Timeline Slicer
Build images for your Facebook timeline photo.

Build photo collages in your browser!

Allows users to interact with video.

Create zoomable stories from big images.

Add sound to your photos.

SPJ Training on Demand Video: Photography 101

TrueFilm Photo Editing App for Mobile 25 Best Photo and Video Apps

Tow Center panel examines consequences of using graphic imagery in news coverage

Getty Images Stock Photos Embed Tool
Embed photos into your story or blog rights-free.

New Yorker: The Year in Photojournalism 2013

Frank's Photolist
Close to 20,000 photojournalists listed here.

Quick Instagram Search (QIS)
This tool from ProPublica helps you search for Instagram photos.

This tool lets you upload pics to Instagram from your desktop.

DesignModo: 9 Alternatives to Photoshop

App turns photos on your phone into cool story websites. Pocket Guide to Verifying Photos Online
Add audio/music to those cool hyperlapse videos.

Google Photo Sphere
Create immersive photo experiences.

Photo-based storytelling platform.

Before andAfter Photo Slider JQuery Plug-in
How to make the popular slider tool that works well for overhead shots from Google Earth (before/after a tornado).

British Journal of Photography

PetaPixel: 15 Free Organizational Tools for Photographers
Good list of basic apps and tools from Ohio State's Doug Haddix.

The Ultimate iPhone Photography Guide

Nine Black-and-White Photo Apps

Three Free Visual Storytelling iOS Apps

Storehouse: How to Do a Good Hyperlapse Video
Hint: You need to be moving.

Build cool spatial photos.

Advertising Photographers of America National

Error Level Analysis
Enter the web address of an online photo and this free site analyzes how much Photoshop work has been done to the photo.

ASMP: American Society of Media Photographers
Search a database of photographers. Dozens of links to stories and events relating to press photographers.

Muckrack: How to Take Better iPhone Photos

How to Take a Good iPhone Photo in the Dark

Forbes: Best iPhone Camera Apps

9 Apps for Adding Text to Your Photos

Graphic and Links to Dozens of Cool Apps

Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps for Photojournalists

Media Storm
Brian Storm's multimedia and photojournalism site.
Tell the story behind your pictures.

An iPhone mobile creation & storytelling tool for photographers.

34 Video and Photo Apps

The Photo Society
Blog from a group of National Geographic contributing photographers.

PetaPixel: 15 Free Organizational Tools for Photographers
Good list of basic apps and tools from Ohio State's Doug Haddix.

Storybench: How to Pull Hashtagged Photos from Instagram to Wordpress

The Ultimate iPhone Photography Guide

Five Ways Newsrooms Can Make the Most of Instagram

Nine Black-and-White Photo Apps

FilmicPro: Shooting iPhone Video
List of best practices and tips.

Multimedia Muse
Photojournalism and online visual storytelling site.

Mark Hancock's Photojournalism Blog

Mike Kane Photojournalism Blog
Based in Seattle.

Online Photo Magazines to Follow

Kobre Guide
Web's best multimedia and video journalism.

NPPA: News Photographer Magazine
Archive of famous news photos.

World War II in Color
A great collection of rare photographs from WWII.

The Photo Society: Safeguarding the Truths in Photojournalism
A great Amy Vitale blog post.

Blood and Honey
Photojournalist Ron Haviv went to Yugoslavia in 1991, intrigued by the nascent independence movement in one of the last countries still intact after the Cold War.

Poynter: Adding Mobile Video to Reporting Skill Set
Great tips from an online chat Poynter did in April 2013.

LIFE Magazine Covers and Photo Essays

Life Magazine's Photos of the Year

DigitalJournalist: Ground Zero
A photog's trip to Ground Zero in New York City for a small weekly newspaper.

Prime Collective
Great showcase of photojournalism from around the world.

Vincent Laforet Photography
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer.

Joel Sartore Photography
From the National Geographic photographer.

Gramfeed Instagram Search
Great tool. You can search by people, hashtag, location, etc.

5 Tools to Improve Images on Your Website
No Photoshop? No problem. Here are some browser-based and apps to help you edit photos.

10 New & Fresh iPhone Photography Apps

Site for sharing drone photography.

Photo Marketing Association International

Photoshop to HTML/CSS converter. Strip down Photoshop files (.psd) and convert them to embeddable HTML or CSS code.

Society for News Design
Workshop schedule, membership database and more.

Society for News Design: World's Best Designed Newspapers
Database of winners in various categories.

Naptha: Capture and Copy Text from Images
A great browser plug-in.

Photojournalism e-book: Breaking into Photojournalism
Kenneth Wajda, an author and an award-winning photojournalist, wrote an e-book for students and other photographers interested in how to break into the business of photojournalism. He covers how to find and shoot spot news, the importance of professional ethics and respect, how to build a sports and people portfolio on the side, and how to approach news and photo editors with your photographs. A must-read for aspiring photojournalists.

A place to discover new Instagram photographers.
Hundreds of links to photo essays and non-linear storytelling sites.

Things Never to Say to or About a Photojournalist
Funny column from

Photo District News Newsletter
Includes a newswire, resources, trend stories, etc.

Photo District News Archive

Photo News Network
Studies, business and law and other resources.

American Society of Media Photographers -- Midwest Chapter

Smithsonian Wild
A photostream of animals and birds from around the world.

The Camera Watch Site
From USA Today: Part of the Surveillance of Surveillance project, this site aims to catalog the disquieting number of publicly accessible Webcams that are pointing at public spaces."

NASA Images Library

National Association of Photoshop Users

NPR Picture Show
Updated daily with photos from around the world.

From Evernote, this tool lets you edit, draw and annotate photos and screenshots. Works on desktop and as a phone app.

Million Cameras
RebelMouse site features hundreds of crowdsourced news photographs. Find Free Images Online
Tool for selecting color schemes for cartography. Great tool.

Charles Apple: History of Apollo 11 Photos
Dispels many rumors of who's in the shots and who shot them. Includes some info. on retouched photos.
Verify photos to see if they're real or doctored. Good for fact-checking photos being shared on social media.

An open verification toolkit for journalists. Helps with photos.

Apollo 11 Image Library The Big Picture
Amazing photojournalism from around the world
A super site! Books, galleries and links for photography of all kinds, including photojournalism.

Photojournalism Ethics: Photo Manipulation
A great ethics paper on altering photos. A must-read for photojournalists.

Photographers Index Database
Search a database of professional photographers. (Many are not photojournalists but commercial photographers. Global Search

University of Missouri Workshop
Workshops for documentary photography.

Mountain Workshops
Western Kentucky University workshops in documentary photography and picture editing.

National Geographic: Photo Tips

Sree's Photography Tips
From a Columbia University professor.

Sree's Photo Ethics Page
Links and samples from a Columbia University professor.

OReilly Digital Media
A digital photography tips site that includes a weblog.
A free program that compresses digital photo files. Helps when e-mailing photos.

New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Hundreds of online photos/paintings, etc.
Crowdsourced funding for photojournalism projects, similar to

Art of World War I
An archive of photography and artwork.

An online e-zine of photojournalism.

Design Reviver: 35-Plus Photoshop Mistakes
Some classic bad Photoshopped photos, many of which were published.

More bad Photoshop.

Foto8 Magazine: Photojournalism Today

Poynter: Three Ways to Spot if an Image Has Been Manipulated

FotoSearch Stock Photography
Allows users to search from over 90 stock photography companies. You can find royalty-free clipart pictures, illustrations, video clips, and vector maps.

Congressional Pictoral Directory

Photojournalism and Reportage
A great listing of links from Ansel Adams -- A Commentary Film
This is a centennial site of photographer Ansel Adams.

The Social Media Image Maker
Resize images to fit social media sites. Handy tool.

Pic Monkey
Browser-based photo editing tool.

Online magazine for professional photographers.
A free Internet photo-swapping service.

StartLocal: Beginning Photography Tips

Picture History
This site from the Kohlberg Foundation offers a digital library of images and footage illustrating more than 200 years of American history.

Digital Journalist
Operated by photojournalist Dirck Halstead, this site features works from world reknown photojournalists such as Peter Turnley, Diana Walker, Nubar Alexanian, Doug Kirland, Ami Vitale, and others. It also features a series of regular columnists that discuss the state of the industry, best practices and equipment reviews.

VervePhoto Documentary Photojournalism Blog
Tongue-in-cheek tips.

Livebooks RESOLVE Photojournalism Site

The Atlantic: World War II in Photos

National Geographic: How to Take Pictures with a Camera Phone

Doug Menuez Photo Journalism Blog

Digital Photography School
Great tips and tricks.

Digital Photography School: How Twitter Can Make You a Photojournalist

Best iPhone Starter Apps

Gawno: 78 Photography Rules for Complete Idiots
Tongue-in-cheek tips.

Ease History
This Michigan State University website features videos and photographs from 1900 to the present. The site connects historical events, campaign ads and core democratic values. Users can search on over 600 videos and photographs and view them inside three different interfaces. It's built from an environmental perspective and includes ad campaigns from the 1950s to present.

A free service so that journalists and bloggers can access copyright-free photos news photos. The site receives photos from users, validates them and shares them in their photo search engine.

The American Museum of Photography
A great collection of themed, offbeat-topic photo slideshows, links and more.

Hundreds of stock images.

Royalty free stock photography.

Digital Vision Network

Ethics Matters Column from News Photographer Magazine

Six Places to Find Free Online Images
Professor Kenna Griffin gives a great list of resources.

Finding Free Photographs and Images on the Net


NPPA Code of Ethics

Photog's Lounge Photography

Sports Shooter

Deeply Curious
An archive of thousands of ocean and land photos from world-renowned photographers.
A great design site from a UK journalist.

Amateur photographers can critique others' work or have their work analyzed in a number of categories.

Non-Photography: No Rules Street Photography
A gallery of some cool feature images that aren't staged. You can pick up some great composition ideas from this site.

Bob Gruen: Rock N' Roll Photographer
Portfolio of one of the best rock photographers around.
Photojournalism-related site (my site) you might want to add, some galleries, forums, resources, a photography news blog, etc.

Formerly 669
A daily photoblog. Quirky and offbeat.

PetaPixel: How the Internet Killed Photojournalism

Digital Photography: The Textbook

Digital Photography Review

Imaging Resource State of Photojournalism: Photojournalism and the Web

Strategy and Design: Developing the Photographer's Web Site
Tips and ideas from Don Luce.

Photography portfolio site with great storytelling slideshows. 20 Years -- AIDS & Photography
A look at how AIDS has been documented by photographs. The site won a 2001 Online News award.

Charlie Rose: Interviews with Photographers
Features pictorial diaries from professional and amateur photographers.
This site is devoted to documentary photography and photojournalism. A good teaching resource.

Best Science Photos of 2011 Edit Photos Online
Resources to help you crop, retouch and edit your photos.

A collection of different photographers' personal projects. The Week in Pictures Portfolios
Some very cool portfolios from some great photographers.

Ali: Through the Lens of Howard Bingham
A photo essay on boxing champ Muhammad Ali.

U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library
More than 400,000 photographs taken during geologic studies of the United States, from 1868 to present. Search through earthquakes, volcanoes, state parks, etc.

Indivisible: Stories of an American Community
"An exploration of community life in America by some of this country's most accomplished photographers, radio producers, and folklorists."

Military Photojournalism Projects

Photography/Art Site

Beyond the Viewfinder: A Year in the Life of Photojournalism
A cool photojournalism Web journal.

Masters of Photography

Mastering Multimedia
A blog about photojournalism and online journalism.
A photojournalism site that offers tips, news and commentary about digital storytelling.
Guide to the best in multimedia and video journalism. 20 Years -- AIDS & Photography
A look at how AIDS has been documented by photographs. The site won a 2001 Online News award. Amy Bowers' TV Column
An archive of Amy Bowers' monthly television columns for, a photojournalism site.
Stock photography meeting place. Search a database of hundreds of images. Professional Photographers of America's Photo Central
Some links and stories. Photo expos and convention schedules.

Operation Photo Rescue
A group of photographers who work to repair damaged photos after disasters (floods, etc.)

American Society of Media Photographers' Copyright Page

EPUK: Editorial Photographers -- UK and Ireland
Contacts, stories, archives, newsletters and links for photojournalists.

British Association of Picture Libraries and Archives

Friends of Photography at the Ansel Adams Center

World Press Photography
Non-profit organization commited to promoting photojournalism worldwide.

Kenneth Christian: 20 Years of Photojournalism
Free file sharing site allows you to move large photo and video files.

Faking Images in Photojournalism
A student project with some great links.
Great primers and resources from Drew DeVigal, NY Times multimedia editor.

A collection of great photo blogs, tips and resources.

Photojournalism Ethics Timeless Issues
A paper from Paul Martin Lester, Ph.D. at Cal State Fullerton.

Photojournalism: A Record of War Photo Documentaries
Boasts that it has more than 5,000 links for professional photographers.

Photographer's Index
Search a database of photographers and professional associations. Also has stock photos and lists copyright and image security information and a stock photo price calculator.

Media Photographers' Copyright Agency

Washington Post's Camera Works Section
The best in online photo slideshows.

b-roll Online
A great site for print and broadcast photojournalists.

Provides free online access to historic and current aerial photography.

Library of Congress Wartime Photo Archive

International Photo Journalism Festival

Photo Central: Professional Photographers of America

Proof Positive: Freelance Photographers and Writers

American Society of Media Photographers
Chicago chapter links off to many helpful sites. News Photos Database
An ongoing feed of news photos sortable by topics.

Vantage: Stock Photos You Can Use for Free

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video
From the Center for Social Media at American University.

Encyclopedia of photography. Share your photos and document them.

Searches the web for photos.

A great meta-search tool for visuals.
Purchase rights-free photos for a small fee.

Kodak's Web Site
Site includes some copyright guidelines for media professionals.
A search engine for online photos. Claims to have access to more than 12 million online images.

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Online photo archive and many helpful links.

PBS: A Century of Photos
A dynamite cinematography site.

Sponsored by the Washington Post, this multimedia storytelling site is run by Brian Storm. It uses some great photography and simple, but effective, use of Flash. The site has a newsletter you can subscribe to.

Google LIFE Photo Archive
Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive.

Storm chaser Ryan McGinnis' photo blog. Some great storm shots.

Stealing Kids' Dreams
A gallery of photos of children at work in different parts of the world. From a doctor at Harvard School of Public Health, the site focuses on working conditions and raises about employment for kids.

Public Domain Images

Zoetrope: All-Story
Take a cool digital tour of a variety of topics.

Digital Photography
Canadian photojournalist Rob Galbraith's site on digital cameras and digital photography.
A site that covers the basics. Beginners only.

Digital Photo Review

Steve's Digicams


Photographer Sacha Biyan's Site

A cool online showcase for photography/slideshows.
Photography tips from former U.N. chief photographer John Isaac. Pretty basic stuff, but some good tips nonetheless.

Stock Logos Download
A blogger covers news and trends in the newspaper design world.

The Mario Blog
News design blog from Mario Garcia.

The Mario Classroom
Design and typography blog from Mario Garcia.

The Digital Journalist

American Society of Media Photographers

American Society of Picture Professionals

Digital Vision Network

PBS: American Photography -- A Century of Images

Documentary Blog
News and reviews of the latest documentary films.
Television photojournalism site.

WebEcoist: Nature Photographers

Layers Magazine
A how-to magazine for everything Adobe. Great tips and tutorials. Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis


The dread of many photojournalists, this site allows users to upload and share photos. Easy way to search for photos, and some wires have bought photos from people who post to this. Be careful as some "news" photos could have been doctored.

Delicious: ShutterRay
Bookmarked web sites helpful in learning more about photography, digital image processing and printing.

A great image gallery.

Another great image gallery.

National Geographic Your Shot
Submit your best shots of nature to this online gallery.

Free photo-editing tools.

Image hosting, photo and video sharing.

Dispatch Press Images
Press photo agency based in New York, representing photojournalists around the world. Specializing in current news stories, editorial essays and stock photography. Posted biographies of all contributing photographers. Become a contributor or license imagery.
A hardcopy photo-book website.

National Geographic Global Contest Winners 2009
Examples of great photography. Good teaching tool.

API: Tragedy In Photos, a New Standard
Another perspective on use of graphic images with a newspaper slant and some images to illustrate the points.

Attacked 9-11 Photo Collection
A moving collage of photographs from the Sept. 11 attacks. Very cool.

University of Iowa: Visual Records of the Attacks
A collection of links to Web sites archiving visual records of media coverage of the September 11th air attack and its aftermath on the University of Iowa Communication Studies Resources site -- specifically on one of the pages devoted to visual communication and visual rhetorics.

The Washington Post's "America Under Attack"

PDN-Pix WTC Site
A fine article on journalists and the risks of covering the war on terrorism.

Created in late 2002 by four working photojournalists. It features weekly photo stories and featured photographers, users can post portfolio, use forum, classifieds, etc.

Time Magazine's "Shattered"

The Fine Line: A Photo Essay
This Weblog photo essay tells the story of a narrow escape from the WTC collapse. Digital Photography
Digital camera and photography views, reviews and news.

Images from Space of the WTC, Pentagon


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