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Expertise Finder
Look up experts in various fields with this network.

Launched in 2012 to help journalists and others find experts in various fields.

Neil Reisner: Finding Almost Anybody
Tips on tracking down people, databases, etc. Dozens of helpful links.

Expert-Finding Tools for Journalists

Neil Reisner: Records Retention Trick
Search a free database of expert sources: medical, legal, academics and more. Puts you in touch with more than 4,000 professionals.

Expert Click
An online director of expert sources. Some free resources for journalists, some content requires registration/pay. Part of the Yearbook of Experts print directory.

An interesting piece of software tool that claims to expose news spin and bias, misuse of sources, and suspect factual support. Uses algorithms to spot spin keywords on sites you surf .

Expert Central
Similar to Profnet; search a free database of more than 4,000 expert sources.

BusinessWire's ExpertSource
Helps media secure authoritative analysis, insights and commentary from leading academic and industry experts.
Similar to in finding "expert" sources for media stories. Some journalists say this service is faster.
A free subscription site that allows reporters to submit a query looking for sources. Simply enter your query into a form, and it will get posted on the site's next e-mailing. More than 35,000 journalists and 475,000 sources actively using the service.

Women's Media Center: SheSource
Database of women experts for journalists, bookers and producers seeking women experts to appear on TV and to quote in print and online media.

ACP-ASIM: Bioterrorism Experts and Speakers
A listing of about 20 and their contact information.

Find and interview experts on Twitter

University of South Carolina: Experts on War and Terrorism
A collection of faculty members with expertise in military, bioterrorism, etc.

MediaResource Service
A science experts database tailored to journalists.

Royal Society Media Directory
Look for British science experts.

A great site with many kinds of resources. Search a free database of experts and other research tools for journalists and academics.

Ask an Expert
Pose questions to so-called experts.

Health Behavior News Service
Provides free stories and experts for interviews on the latest research on the subject coming from peer-reviewed academic journals. The news service is an arm of the Center for the Advancement of Health. Experts Links
A good experts database.

Searchable experts/groups list.

A collection of resources from Ryerson professor Dean Tudor.

Send a query to PR pros.
A deep experts database, covering several academic fields.

This site allows journalists to find sources for their stories when religion intersects society on their beats. Journalists can log in and easily and quickly search a database for contact info, credentials and publications for about 5,000 religion scholars in more than 1,400 areas of expertise. The site is free and funded by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Guestfinder Experts Database

ABMS Certified Doctors Database
Charges for non-member searches.

Federal Judicial Center: Judge Bios
Search federal court judge bios, past and present.

Geologists and Earth Scientists
Biographies of leaders in these fields of study.

Research Connect
An integrated research database connecting the media with leading financial, political, technical, social, legal, medical, scientific, economic and business research. You can contact numerous researchers simultaneously, store favorite researchers and media contacts, etc.

Encyclopedia of Associations

HealthGrades: Find a Doctor
Good for finding expert sources in various fields of medicine.

American Society of Association Executives

SAJA: Source List of South Asia Experts

Pitsco's Ask an Expert

Free registration with easy to use on-line forms for journalists. Experts can also register to be included free, but must have a link to a web site that profiles their expertise so journalists can determine if they are the appropriate sources of information and opinion. Covers more than 10,000 topics.

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace "Crisis in Iraq"
Updated news stories, analysis by experts and coordinates for analysts with direct e-mail and phone contact info.

Federal Agency Employee Locators
Mistakes in movies, books, etc.

State Recycling Association Contacts

National Speakers Association
A free searchable database by location, keyword, topics, etc. NSA is a non-profit professional association with nearly 4,000 professional speakers. These speakers are well-spoken experts in wide variety of areas - perfect for thought-provoking interviews. Expert Database
Place queries to experts using this site, which charges a small fee. Call up experts on a variety of topics, such as finance, computing, medicine, etc. Sources are checked out by the organization. The sources call you back.

CPA Directory
Searchable directory of accountants and firms.

Federal Highway Admin Expertise Database

PR Newswire Press Room
A journalist-only site that has an archive of news releases and photos, expert sources through ProfNet, multimedia, a directory of company contacts and more.
A forensic scientist, Campbell will soon have a book out, "Legal Ease: A Guide to Criminal Law, Evidence and Procedure" and is offers contact information as a source at her Web site.

SLA's One-Stop Shop
A combined list of academics lists.

Library of Congress: Ask a Librarian
Submit questions to a librarian. Includes a chat feature and links to various collections.

Guide to Experts in International Affairs
Print guide is free to media members. This web page will tell you how to order it.

Military: Surveying Engineering and Mapping Center of Expertise
Look up a lawyer's credentials. Agent Database
A great shortcut for sourcing, enter celebrity names into the database and get the managers or agents who represents them.
Puts journalists in touch with science fiction experts including authors, artists and fans.

Openweb Analysts
This company helps journalists and news people with the concepts behind Open Source software, such as Linux, Apache web server and OpenOffice.

Patent Attorneys and Agents Registered to Practice before the PTO
Contact information for more than 25,000 attorneys.

Lawyer Locator
Search a free database of legal experts.
A legal site that lists more than 140 expert witnesses on litigation issues. Can be helpful for sourcing stories on various topics, which are listed alphabetically.

Expert Village
More than 135,000 professionally produced and researched videos that help you answer everyday questions.

Video how-to site.

Video instruction site.

Video instructions and tutorials.

Video instructions and tutorials.

Instructional Web site.


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