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Society for News Design
Several great columns and tips on design, workshop schedule, membership database and more.

Society for News Design: Multimedia Toolkit
A great collection of resources, many of them free, to help journalists develop great stories online. Resources include audio, video, charts, mapping, databases and more. This is a must-bookmark and a great resource for student journalists learning to develop content for the Web.

Society for News Design: World's Best Designed Newspapers
Database of winners in various categories.

Society for News Design: Competition Database
Look up past winners. Great for examples, inspiration.

Infographics vs. Text with Pictures

How Design Thinking and Journalism Go Together

Font Dragr
Browser based tool that checks for web-friendly fonts. Just drag and drop!

Embed Responsively
Allows you to embed video and other third-party apps for responsive design.

Tableau Free Data Visualization Tool
Create data visualizations with this free, downloadable tool.

Blog about data visualizations by Ben Jones, an engineer in LA.
Links, industry news updates, contests, etc. for newspaper designers.

Design Reviver
Design and photojournalism examples.

Create zoomable stories from big images.
A classroom for visual journalism, this site offers a job board, tips, ideas, etc. A super site.

ProPublica: Design Principles for News Apps
Great site for new typography.

30 Free Data Visualization Tools

Access the letterforms to type from a browser plug-in.

Visual Journalism for Tiny Desks Tipsheet
Great tools list from NICAR 15 panel.

Mario Garcia:
Design page from the nation's top page designer. News, speaking dates and more.

Build online infographics.
Build and share interactive infographics.

The Mario Blog
News design blog from Mario Garcia.

Google Public Data Explorer
Makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand.

Build charts and share them in a social community.

The Mario Classroom
Design and typography blog from Mario Garcia.

A great tips, training and resources page for designers.

Media Storm
Brian Storm's multimedia and photojournalism site.

22 Things Never to Say to a News Designer

W3 Web Tutorials
Learn HTML, CSS, etc.
A great Web design site by Andrew Devigal and Co. See the latest and best technology used on dynamite sites. Devigal is a former Chicago Tribune and Knight-Ridder Tribune Web designer who has done research and taught at the Poynter Institute.

Society of Professional Designers

Graphic Artists Guild

Society of Illustrators

Hex Codes of Crayon Colors
Great for picking Photoshop colors. It's a Wikipedia page so take it for what it's worth. Accuracy looks good.

11 Most Important Digital Fonts Ever Created
Education resources written by teachers.

Error Level Analysis
Enter the web address of an online photo and this free site analyzes how much Photoshop work has been done to the photo.

Photoshop to HTML/CSS converter. Strip down Photoshop files (.psd) and convert them to embeddable HTML or CSS code.

Data Visualization Tutorial
Examples, steps and video of how to create data visualizations

Visual Edge
A journalism multimedia design seminar conducted by the Poynter Institute created this site that features 12 multimedia feature stories ranging from a tightly knit group of longtime domino players to handicapped sailors.'s Graphic Design Page
A great page. Tips, resources and more.

100 Incredible Infographic Tools

2012 NY Times Year in Graphics
Great examples of data viz and infographics.

Washington Post: 2012 Election Infographics and Data Visualization

Paul Nixon's Graphic Design Weblog
Has links to 9-11 graphics.

This site contains dozens of stories about what's going in with the newspaper business right now -- both in print and online -- and what newspapers and journalists should be doing about it. It includes a list of designs, which links to hundreds of examples of redesigned newspapers - all of which should serve as a source of inspiration to anyone considering a redesign. There's also a before-and-after gallery showing the extent to which newspapers and websites have been transformed.

MacroMedia Showcase
This page highlights four or five cool Web sites a day. Many are Flash presentations.

Essential Visualization Tools for Mapping

SPJ Training on Demand: Data Visualization
Instructional videos from the Tribune's Andy Boyle.

Nodexl Graph Gallery
Great visualizations of Twitter interactivity around various hashtags, topics, events.

Poynter Online's Design/Graphics Resources

Digital Vision Network
Created to allow photographers to tell their stories about run-ins with law enforcement agencies and what really happened. Sharing stories and trading experiences is what drives this site! It is important to know your rights.

Color, Contrast & Dimension in News Design
From the Poynter Institute.
This is a contest site for Flash presentations. Log-in and evaluate different Flash sites, or enter your own. A very highly regarded site for Flash designers.

Font Bureau
One of the best type foundries around.

Data Visualization: Growth of Newspapers Westward
Project from Stanford University.

Bare Bones HTML Guide
Great primers and resources from Drew DeVigal, NY Times multimedia editor.

A collection of great photo blogs, tips and resources.

Journalists use this tool to embed interactive tables, charts and maps on blogs or web pages.
Great Web design resources from a leading authority on the topic. New York-based design firm's client list includes,, HP, Adobe, Macromedia, Ogilvy One and Sun.
One of the leading design sites on the Web offers tip sheet, downloads, newsletters, training CD-ROMs and much, much more.

Strategy and Design: Developing the Photographer's Web Site
Tips and ideas from Don Luce.

Flowing Data: Data Visualization, Infographics and Statistics State of Photojournalism: Photojournalism and the Web

Gallery of Graphic Design
A collection of magazine designs from 1930-1969.

Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About
Links to 37 blogs on data, statistics, visualization, maps, design, etc.

NY Public Library Treasure Trove
A huge cache of 337,000 pieces of art . Browse by names, search history.

BBC: How Big Really? Dimensions
Gives spatial context for events by presenting them against the background of a place (city or ZIP code) whose dimensions a reader understands. Very similar to during the BP Gulf oil spill.

Stanford: Journalism in the Age of Data
A great video tutorial on how to use data visualization online as a journalist.

Olga's Gallery
Search artists by name.

Light Link Graphic Design Resources
Includes software tutorials, font resources, image viewers, Web design tools and much, much more. Design Desk
From Design Editor Anne Conneen. Design and Usability
Feed of stories and blog posts on web design trends, etc.

Museum of E-Failure
More than 800 screen shots of dot-bomb designs.

World Wide Arts Resources
Featured artists and other interesting materials.
Broadcast Designers Association offers the latest broadcast spots, film trailers, and video for the Web. Also has some interviews with designers and tech help.
Web design and literature.

1001 Free Fonts
Showcases new designers.

Digital Thread
This is another great site that showcases new work from designers all over the world.
A great design site featuring several articles from various magazines that should beof interest.

Flowing Data: The Best Data Visualization Projects of 2011
Build infographics in this free, easy-to-use browser-based tool.

E-Company's Web Site Design Page
Tip sheets, news stories, organizations and other resource links.

Fuck Yeah Journalism Tools: Infographics
Search a database of great illustrators, some of whom are listed below.

Google Art Illustration Page
Tons of links to design portfolios, some of which are listed below.

Andrew Skwish
Illustrations, links and more from artist Andrew Skwish. His work has appeared in many newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune. He also has a portfolio at

For designers who want to share information on color. Palettes galore!

Office of Newspaper Design
A great set of global design links.

More super illustration examples!

Wesley Bedrosian
Illustrations, paintings, drawings.

Lynne Bennett Portfolio
Links to about 25 news page designers.'s Graphic Designer's Paradise
Hundreds of links in alphabetical order.

Statistical Graphic Resources
A great site from the York University Math Department.

Google program helps turn numbers into visual stories.

Excite's Computer Graphics Directory
Links to hundreds of sites.

3D Cafe
Dozens of links for graphic artists, including Web tools, newsletters, jobs and more.

Visualize This
How to create data visualizations. Includes an embedded video and link to a book.
A great design site from a UK journalist.

Bills itself as a site that has "news, tools and techniques for content creation."

Director Online User Group
Articles, resource links and more.

A good graphic design site.

Editing for the Web
Covers design and editing tips, as well as training for web editors and offers pointers on how to make web products work.

Web Page Design for Designers
This site is helps graphic designers make the transition from print to the web.

Web Review
Targeted to designers, this site covers various aspects of developing a web site, developing a database, news and Web tools and include columns about creating a site. Web Design Links

Excite's Web Designers in UK/Europe Directory

Tom Tomorrow's Weblog
A cartoonist's weblog.
A legal site that includes a copyright protection page.

Critique Magazine

Communications Magazine The Only Cure for Designer's Block

Cool Design Resource Links
Links to design magazines, coding pages, tip sheets and more.
A 14-year-old international news service specializing in new technologies in the arts and design. The majority readers are professionals in the arts and design world.

Kira's Web Toolbox
Dozens of great resources, from mail to javascript, to add to your site.

Photoshop Web Tips Database
Several tips sheets and software news.

From Poynter's Sara Quinn: Queries and aggregates image data from flickr to represent the color of words.

Web Clip Art

Stock photos of pretty much anything can be found here.

Stock Logos Download

Public Domain Images

The fine arts encyclopedia. One of the top reference sites around, according to the American Library Association. Search by artist, etc.

Five Elements of Digital Storytelling
From the University of Minnesota's Institute for New Media Studies offers a site that provides a common vocabulary and structure for understanding new media content. Infographics to Understand the Financial Crisis


Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

Reportage Blog
Great photojournalism blog from Getty Images.

Searches the web for photos.

A great meta-search tool for visuals.

Multimedia Shooter
Workshops, e-updates, critiques, columns, featured video and galleries.

Multimedia Muse
Photojournalism and online visual storytelling site.

Online Photo Magazines to Follow

Kobre Guide
Web's best multimedia and video journalism.

Open source code for interactive mapping.

Helps you collect data from web, cell phones, etc., aggregate it and visualize it on a map.

Designers, others depict famous moments in history.

Build imbedded flow charts for free.

Open source graph visualization tool.

Page Design and 9/11

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