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The American Copy Editors Society site offers editing tips, contests, quizzes, headline writing exercises, conferences and much, much more.
A must-bookmark reference site for copy editors.
Resources for copy editors and those who teach it.

The Elements of Style

Verification Handbook
From Craig Silverman, this guide gives you tools to verify digital content for emergency coverage.

American Press Institute Fact-Checking Resources

The Editor's ToolkitFrom Solutions Journalism.

Chicago Tribune Grammar Cheat Sheet
Search dozens of online stylebooks.

Old Editor's Macro Checklist
Great tips and resources from the Baltimore Sun.

Google Newsgathering and Verification Tools

The Slot: The Nine Commandments of Caption Writing

Verified Pixel
Tool used to verify authenticity of photos.

Thsrs: The Shorter Thesaurus
A great tool for headline writing. This thesaurus gives you synonyms the same length or shorter than the word you enter. This helps if you're stuck on a headline and can't think of a concise word to use on a tight headline count.

Verification Junkie
This tool from Josh Stearns centralizes several social media verification tools in one place. Great for reporting and fact-checking on deadline.

Diversity Style Guide
"A resource to help journalists and other media professionals cover a complex, multicultural world with accuracy, authority and sensitivity. The guide includes terms and phrases related to race/ethnicity; religion; sexual orientation; gender identity; age and generation; drugs and alcohol; and physical, mental and cognitive disabilities."

Six Places to Find Free Online Images
Professor Kenna Griffin gives a great list of resources.

How to Verify Information from Twitter
Great tips from Steve Buttry.

Reverse image search. Good for fact-checking photos.

API: How to Tell If a Photo is Fake
Great tips and video.
Verify photos to see if they're real or doctored. Good for fact-checking photos being shared on social media.

An open verification toolkit for journalists.

Gigaom: Resources for Fact-Checking News
Tool for building data visualizations on mobile.

Poynter: Tips to Debunk Fake News Stories

First Draft News
Guide to navigating eyewitness media, from discovery to verification.

Storyful's Open Newsroom
A Google Plus hangout where you can collaborate with other editors to check and verify the news.

Slate: Myths and Misreporting about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Tips and cautionary tales about reporting on disasters.

Politifact: Seven Steps to Better Fact-Checking
An excellent site on newspaper writing and reporting from Bob Baker of the LA Times. The site offers a dynamic e-newsletter on writing, editing and newsroom collaboration.

Editors Weblog

Editing a Web Site: Extending the Levels of Edit
Describes lessons learned by a university editing class when they edited a web site.

Grammar Guide
Now part of!

The Economist Style Guide
Some great tips and tricks in here.

You Don't Say Blog
Baltimore Sun's John E. McIntyre writes about language, usage, journalism and more.

ACES: The Grammar Guide
Pam Nelson's blog.

Digital Headline Writing Tips

Finding and Fixing Typos
This post is full of good tips.

Crap Detection Resources

10000 Words: How to Fact-Check in the Digital Age
In the wake of the Manti Te'o story.

Top 25 Grammar Mistakes
From PR Daily.
Rumor tracking.

Washington Post: 150 Journalism Cliches

Kok Edit Copy Editor's Knowledge Base
Copy editing resources from Katharine O'Moore Klopf.

Bill Walsh's copy editing blog.

Think Like an Editor
A great blog about editing from Syracuse prof Emilie Davis and Steve Davis that includes videos, tips, issues and trends.

Mr. Rewrite Tumblr
Great examples of misspellings, grammar, punctuation errors etc. Priceless examples for those teaching editing classes.

Headline Formulas for Tweets, Posts, Articles and Emails

Poynter: An Editor's Guide to Identifying Plagiarism

JournoResource: Math for Journalists
Covers some of the basics: mean, median, etc. Also has links to other tools.

Common Sense Journalism Blog
From Doug Fisher, senior instructor at the University of South Carolina journalism school and executive editor of the Convergence Newsletter.

Yale's World Wide Web Style Manual
Describes lessons learned by a university editing class when they edited a website.

Center for Investigative Journalism: Statistics for Journalists
A 12-page tipsheet.

University Writing Style Guides
A large collection of online style guides.

A social network for newsroom trainers, started by Steve Buttry of No Train, No Gain. The site grew from the old Newscoach listserv.

American Heritage Dictionary

After the Deadline
Download this desktop tool to check grammar and style, do contextual spell check and more. It's more advanced than Microsoft Word.

ACES Copy Editing Tests

2013 AP Stylebook Quick Quiz
Answers at the bottom so don't scroll down too far.

Platform Magazine: AP Stylebook Quizzes
Grammar, punctuation and usage site. Great resource.

Wall Street Journal Grammar Quiz
Take an interactive quiz.

SPJ Pinterest: Grammar Goofs
Some great examples of what not to do.

Grammar.ccc: Sentence Subjects

10 Words Everyone Should Know How to Pronounce

Write Check
Check grammar and plagiarism.

2012's Nine Most Hilarious NY Times Corrections Trillions, Billions, Millions Error

ACES Iraq Information Page

The Ancient Newspaper Editor Blog
Fun blog about news issues (and some interesting essays from Steve Fagan, a retired newspaper editor with 43-plus years in the business.

Subversive Copy Editor
Great blog on editing issues and trends.

On the Media: Consumers Guide to Breaking News
Partly in jest, this graphic does offer some sound advice.

Loaded with tip sheets and articles, this site features work previously published in "The Write Way," some of which have been updated and revised for NewsCollege. Started in early 2006, the site covers many writing basics, such as tightening copy and eliminating weak quotes.
Free grammar, punctuation and other rules.

Poynter: Regret the Error Blog
Craig Silverman on errors that media make.

Word Police
Barbara Wallraff, The Atlantic Monthly's copy editing guru, writes a "Word Court" column that offers super advice.
Reports on media corrections, retractions, apologies, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the press. It was launched in October 2004 by Craig Silverman, a freelance journalist and author based in Montreal.

99 Verification Tools

Twutorial for Copy Editors
Steve Buttry's Powerpoint presentation.

BBC Academy: English Grammar Tips

AIM: Accuracy in Media
Explores fairness and balance in news stories. Covers recent issues with blogs and other updates.

Heads Up the Blog
Informative blog on copy editing and headlines.

Media Standards Trust
An independent, not for profit organization that promotes high standards in news on behalf of the public.

Stinky Journalism
Journalism, online journalism ethics and accuracy blog.
Mistakes in movies, books, etc.

Institute for Mid-Career Copy Editors: Grammar Smackdown!
Instructions on how to run a two-round test of your staff's knowledge of punctuation, spelling, grammar, style and, if you want, their ability to content edit. Developed by Ron Hartung of The Tallahassee Democrat and Debbie Gump of Ohio University.

Six Places to Find Free Online Images
Professor Kenna Griffin gives a great list of resources.

20 Slack Apps You'll Love
Keep your desk and newsroom organized.

Confusing Words
A database opf more than 3,000 words that get confused with other, or are difficult to understand. It?s great for sorting out small grammar issues, too.

Professor Charles Darling's Grammar Site
Outstanding to use as a quick reference for your grammar questions.

Common Usage in English
Search/sort alphabetically. Great quick reference on issues like tenet and tenant.

It Figures: Figures of Speech

Copyeditor's Knowledge Base
Proofreading and copy editing tools galore.

Your 100 Most Mispronounced Words

Your 100 Most Misspelled Words
Check your spelling as you submit a query.

The Vocabula Review (with one "l")
A fun little site on how the Web is revolutionizing spelling.

BBC Styleguide
.PDF format.

Economist Style Guide

CJR's Language Corner

Slanguage: Slang Terms
A collection of regional, national and international slang terms.
If you don't have Word handy, enter a sentence or paragraph in this web-based tool and it will check for grammar errors.
Packed with useful word search tools, enter whatever related word you can think of and the site will help you find what looking for. You can find words that rhyme, similar spellings, synonyms and antonyms, similar sounding words, match consonants and more. Why Copy Editing Matters

Reuters Handbook of Journalism

First Draft News
Essential newsgathering and verification resources for journalists. Why Reporters Should Sit on the Copy Desk

Copy Editing Web Sites

Historic Headlines Need to Look Forward
A Storify curation by Steve Buttry on headline writing on big events. He uses the uprising in Egypt as an example.

NY Times Weekly News Quiz
Do you read the newspaper? You better!

Copy Editing Training
A lot of training material for copy editors on our Web site, which also provides information on a summer institute program, funded by the Knight Foundation. Writing Good Online Headlines
Follow the BBC approach.

AP Style Exercises Online
Developed by Ron Hartung, writing/editing coach at the Tallahassee Democrat.

Skewed News Tutor
Available in desktop and app, teaches news literacy and the ability to filter information online and on other platforms.

Pantheon: Encyclopedia of Myths

Encyclopedia of Television
Simple-to-use site for fact-checking.

Grammar Resources Online
A quick guide to several grammar tools from the University of Chicago's writing program.

AP Stylebook Online
You make the call: A one-year subscription to the online version is $20. You can buy the print copy for $12.50. The site does have some "web-only" content.

Jack Lynch's Guide to Style

Crash Blossoms: Headlines Gone Wrong
A great site that highlights awful headlines and implied meanings. A must-bookmark for copy editors and teachers.

Addictionary: What's Your Word?
Look up obscure useful words here, including slang and pop-culture language.

The Vocabulary Review (
Free site that offers video lessons, exercises and much more.

AP 9/11 "Situational Stylebook"
AP style basics for common terms in 9/11 stories.

15 Websites to Help You with Rhyming

The Writing Center's Online Handouts

Phaster Lookups Reference Database
Do quick searches for reference tools: encylopedias, economic terms, legal dictionary, biblical reference, quotes and more. Great one-stop reference shopping.

HowjSay: Online Dictionary of English Pronunciation
Great tool for broadcasters. Just type in the word or select from a list and see how the word is pronounced.

Dictionaries on the Web
More than 100 links to dictionaries in 40 languages

Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks
Copy editors are into sites like this.
Today's Media Bloopers.

Forvo: Pronunciation Guide

Watchdog site for hoaxes, scams and urban legends.

Newswriting Cliches

Cliche of the Day

West Egg ClicheFinder Search Engine
More than 3,300 indexed cliches. Look them up and edit them out of stories.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Tips on writing, punctuation, grammar, usage, etc. Great podcasts where GG answers user-submitted questions.

Guide to Grammar and Writing Eigen's Political & Historical Quotations
Great for fact-checking. More than 40,000 free quotations from more than 11,000 different historical and political figures in a searchable database.

RhymeZone Shakespeare Search Engine

The Virtual Chase: Checklist for Fact-Checking Web Site Information
A legal research site offers tips on evaluating information quality.

Cornell University: Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages

KPlay Reference Tool
This site makes it simple to use different online reference works.

The Canadian Press Stylebook

The New York Times Manual of Style and Libel
You have to register. Then click on store, then books.
Resources for journalism instructors at many levels: high school, college, newsroom, etc.
Resources for college journalism instructors.

Avoid Holiday Cliches
From the American Copy Editors Society.

Editing for the Web
Covers design and editing tips, as well as training for web editors and offers pointers on how to make web products work.

My Favorite Word

Techniques for Writing Good Web Documents
An extensive list of specific do's and don'ts, with examples. Many of these tips are familiar to technical communicators but are often news to other writers. Includes a good discussion on when and how to use frames.

Worldwide Words
Michael Quinion writes about international English from a British perspective. Fun with pop culture catch phrases.

Capital: Story Behind NY Post's Headless Body in Topless Bar Headline

A great site for copywriting tips. Targeted to marketing/advertising but it also has resources for editorial copy editors.

Sun Microsystem's Style Guide

Forbes Investopedia
Dictionary of business terms, articles, tutorials, calculators and other helpful tools. Online Checker
Free online service for spotting inconsistencies in documents (it checks Word, PDF and text files).

Headline, SEO Writing Tips
From Social Media Today, this is a bit more focused on ads/SEO, but it has some good online headline writing tips for editorial, too.

Fast Company: How to Write Short Paid Editing Checker Demo Video
This is a paid checker that spots a variety of mistakes in documents. It's a plug-in for MS Word that is particularly popular with professional copy editors.

Tim Berners-Lee's CERN Style Guide

Criggo: Newspaper Mistakes

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time

Seven Walking-into-a-Bar Grammar Jokes

Editor Real Talk Tumblr
Need a fun break from a desk shift? Visit this site (just for fun).

Behind the Grammar
Blog by Grammar Girl's Mignon Fogarty. She blogs about writing, language, business, some tech.


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The Consumerist
This corporate watchdog site blows the whistle on bad customer service, poor products and corporate waste. It's a great resource for tracking local companies (through the site's search) and tracking how consumers are dissatisfied. Be careful using material on the site, as some of it may be unconfirmed material. But it serves as a good road map for finding business stories.
A cool resource for offbeat stats and facts.

Poynter: Eight Classic April Fool's Pranks

Museum of Hoaxes
Don't be fooled by urban legends and if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

Sree's Tips on hoax sites
Don't get fooled. A Columbia University prof. has a great list of tips and examples of online hoaxes.

API: How to Tell If a Photo is Fake
Great tips and video.

Reverse image search. Good for fact-checking photos.
A search site that features a "Grammar Matters" review section.
Tracks how brands, people are under attack on the Web.

Tech Law Journal Urban Legends Reference Pages
Think a story or tip might be made up? Use this page to search for some urban legends.

Warrior Eli Hoax Group
This blog by Taryn Harper Wright investigates hoax websites, blogs and Facebook pages, many involving fake children's charities.

Truth or Fiction?
This site takes "rumor mill" e-mails we all receive and determines if they are true or false. There is a good list of Attack on America information.

Verification Junkie
This tool from Josh Stearns centralizes several social media verification tools in one place. Great for reporting and fact-checking on deadline.

First Draft News
Essential newsgathering and verification resources for journalists.

The Red Tape Chronicles
Blogger Bob Sullivan looks at Internet scams and consumer fraud. Very easy to navigate and find what you're looking for.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly or Why It's A Good Idea to Evaluate Web Resources
From Susan E. Beck of the New Mexico State University Library.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators at
A handy quick-reference, fact-checking site for copy editors. Find out if a celebrity is dead or alive.

Fortune 500 Business Blog Wiki
Links to hundreds of corporate blogs. Some are generated by the companies, some are written anonymously by current/former employees. Some are consumer watchdog sites that focus on specific industries. Be sure to fact-check and confirm any information you find on these blogs.
Free tool to track your online identity.
Tool that tracks and helps correct online identity. Some of it is fee-based.

2012: Six End of the World Myths Debunked

Information Week: Seven Fantastic Internet Hoaxes
Web site that links to the MySpace pages of the dead.

Criggo: Newspaper Mistakes

Top 100 April Fool's Day Hoaxes of All Time


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